Movers, Shakers & Operators

AKA: Transport Specialists & Courier Extraordinaires

Sunlinc Caribbean DMC Julian Francis, Courier

Office: Barbados

Alias: The Main Man

Specialty: Jack of all Trades

Loves: Cricket

Fears: My all-female team

Favorite Quote: "Work smart not hard"

Tonya Tonya Moses, Assistant Tour Desk Manager / Group Coordinator

Office:  St. Kitts & Nevis

Alias: Duckie

Specialty: Getting the Job done

Loves: Performing Arts & Sleeping

Fears: That I have stopped growing . . . . oh no !!!!!!!

Favorite Quote: "I think I saw a puddy tat ", "Play to your strengths and staff your weaknesses"

Sunlinc Caribbean DMC Randy Carty, Dispatcher/Courier

Office:  St. Kitts & Nevis

Alias: Handy Randy

Specialty: Making it happen

Loves: Tennis and Travel

Fear: Deep Water

Favorite Quote: "Never say never"

Sunlinc Photos - Team
"We enjoyed working with Sunlinc and your friendly and very professional staff. All great people, the kind of people we want to do business with and offering the service our customers appreciate." - The GRA Group