There's something about this petite island that grabs you and takes you back to a time when things were simpler, when life was more peaceful, when stress was just a word, not a way of life.

Seemingly custom-made for high-end groups, Nevis is home to the fabulous Four Seasons Resort Nevis, and the Island boasts one of the last remaining rainforests as its center rises upwards to a sombrero of ever present clouds known as cloud forest.

On-par with the Four Seasons, the many Plantation Restaurants on the Island offer some of the best cuisine and dining experiences to be found in the Caribbean.

This 36-square-mile island lies peacefully next to its sister Island of St. Kitts. Green and serene, Nevis is truly one of the remaining unspoilt places and proudly carries the name, "Queen of the Caribees." From the top of the 3,232-foot Nevis Peak to the depths of the crystal clear waters offshore, there is a world of flora and fauna to be explored. In the hills, the comical green vervet monkeys chatter and scamper; in the sea, the whales cruise by. Stroll around and see the architecture of eras gone by: churches, windmills, and refurbished Great Houses.

In a word, Nevis is special . . . come, run away to a place that will seduce you, and tug at your heart long after you leave.
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